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Mai want list and payments will be sent tonight

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Aug. 26th, 2010 | 03:30 pm
mood: relieved relieved

Hey everybody out there i have a list of pokemon plushies and other stuff i have been dying to get if you are selling one or happen to see one for me can you plz inform me :D?

eeeeeveeeees002.jpg image by USACorgie tomy eevee plush!

 this fuzzy plush

11Eevee.jpg 1:1 Eevee Plush image by RaichuHQ1:1 eevee (I want dis soooo badley!)

 eevee UFO


 umbreon Canvas Plush

Pokemon Center 2009 Espeon Canvas Series Plush Toy  Espeon Canvas plush

TOMYLeafeonandGlaceon.jpg TOMY Leafeon and Glaceon standing plush image by animeisha TOMY Glaceon (want badly) And Leafeon

 this Luxray plush idk if hes a ufo catcher or not

2008 Pokemon DX Round Luxray This plush (for my sister)

 and either one of these two Raichu ufo!

Btw im sorry for all the slow/late payments i will (try) to pay for everything tonight so im rlly sorry guys i have been having family problems......but things are getting better so payment will be sent at like 7:00ish Easten standern time (im busy today D:)

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