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Eevee's world

I like eevee alot and all its evolutions so if your selling any item of it let me know ASAP cause i will but it :O

Okay anyway hello my name is Amber but you can all call me Silver if you want ^_^ I enjoy collecting plushies a lot, I like to dance and i hate sports D:. I like anmie and manga mostly Ouran High School Host Club <3 I also LOVE to draw its what i wanna be when i grow up an artist :D I love pizza too its mai favorite food EVER

Im very new to LiveJournal and PokemonCollecters so i might be a little slow at things and might ask questions a lot >.<
I usually dont take that long to pay for a item but sometimes things come up D: and yeah...but from now on i will always pay within 3 days or sooner if you need payment ASAP of the purchase!

I really hope to make some great pokemon loving buddies here <3
Thank you everyone have a great Day!